Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Going For It Again

This is the first time I am publicly writing about it. I have told my boss today (which is an important thing here in Germany, because from now on, the very strict maternity regulations apply); I was honestly a little nervous to tell her, I didn't really want to confess up, because my job is busy, and I know that I am an important part of this team. But as I told my mom: I work to live, not live to work. And since it would never be convenient to take a longer baby break, why not do it now?

I decided to create an own little blog for this pregnancy as I want to document is a clearly as possible for myself, but don't want to rub the pregnancy in everyone's face all the time and make it take over my main blog all together.

So, here we go again, our journey with baby no. 3 has begun. We found out for sure on December 24; at this point I was sure that I was pregnant. The weeks before my boobs started being sore, and I missed my period. We told the girls on December 25. Lily was so excited as she had hoped for another little sibling for a while. Violet was carefully excited, as she's not quite sure how a little sibling for her will change her status in the family I guess.

Right now, we are enjoying this new situation for our family. By the time Baby arrives we'll hopefully have moved in our house. Lily will be about to start first grade and I will be able to be home to support her in this big step for a while. For now, we plan on having me be on 100% maternity leave until about March 2015 and then start again part-time until the end of my official maternity leave when Baby turns 1. This plan is subject to change, depending on the overall situation, but it is something I'm really comfortable with right now.

Even though this is my third pregnancy and I should have procedures down by now, it is still all so new to me as everything seems to be different here in Germany. Right now, I'm going to see my OB and a midwife for prenatal appointments, because their office is close to my work. Later on, I'm going to transfer to the care of a birth center where we plan on giving birth; those midwives will then take over the post-natal care as well (as far as I know). It was honestly so much easier last time with Violet, when all I had to do was find my midwive and I was set. But with all the benefits of being in Germany, I won't complain. In the end, all that's important is that we get out of this adventure with a healthy baby.

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